agenda for today:

  • do some schoolwork and/or prep for camping trip
  • hit up taco bell for HAPPIER HOUR EYY
  • pick up check at work, shop for a few things there
  • go to the bank, deposit check
  • go grocery shopping for camping trip
  • come home, maybe cook maybe do more of schoolwork or packing??

thats p much it

i did most of this!! things that i was gonna get are gonna be on sale at the grocery store tomorrow so i’m gonna go back since i have tomorrow off too, i just got cilantro and limes since those were hella cheap but i’ve been cooking and i contacted the campground and i DID THINGS even though i’ve been really tired from work
probably won’t finish my swords in time for the camping photoshoot but i might work on the casual cosplay part of my reiner cosplay for camping so ye